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Through clinical trials in Malawi, MMS has shown to be a sucessful treatment for HIV/AIDS.  Once called Miracle Mineral Solution, Master Mineral Solution has been known to cure malaria in 4 hours to one day, and has overcome many patients with cancer, HIV/AIDS and a variety of other disease.  Jim Humble, the founder of MMS, has recently published his latest book called Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium, gives up-to-date information about MMS and the latest protocols.

Save your life or that of a loved one.


Jim Humble

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  • "Hi Jim & All...Please to send us the maintinance protocal using MMS1-MMS2..I personaly cured my wife's lymph-node cancer with MMS-1&2.. Doctors wanted to do Chemo & Rad,i did no..."
    Lymph Node Cancer - source:
  • "Dear Jim, You remember the case of my dad, which I write to you a while ago. In his surgery for colon obstruction, the doctors found massive tumor grown through surrounding orga..."
    John W. ( Czech Republic )
    Cancer cured!!! - source:

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